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    May has come to an end. Top voters will be rewarded accordingly. Players who have been voting consistently will be rewarded with coupons which can be used to obtain free ranks and items at our webstore. Here are May 2019's top voters:

    1. XxGeniusxX (183 votes) - $30 store coupons
    2. FemkeLars (162 votes) - $20 store coupons
    3. LordEinza and Tanishia (153 votes) - $10 store coupon

    The following players are close to receiving a reward, better luck next time!
    4. faesecret (137 votes)
    5. Lancelowt (84 votes)
    6. Toky0h (65 votes)
    7. FunkyVinny87 (65 votes)
    8. Detnemed (63 votes)

    For players who won the store voucher, please contact @TenjouKia (discord / open a conversation through website) to claim your coupons.

    If you do not already know, voting for the server at daily can bring you awesome in-game rewards. Top voters also stand a chance to win store coupons at the end of the month! You can vote once on each site, every day to achieve the maximum number of votes. Server votes will be reset after this thread. Thanks for supporting the server!
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